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Fingerprint terminal for Access control and Time attendance management F4 Vista

Fingerprint terminal for Access control and Time attendance management F4 Vista

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Breve Descrizione

F4 Vista is a standalone biometric terminal for access control and time attendance management with fingerprint PIN identification.

F4 Vista use the professional static electricity prevention and anti jamming design, all of the input or output interface are protected from over-voltage and frequency, it has the function of anti-dismantlement alarm and professional alarm, as well as the voltage and PFK watchdog inspection, outstanding quality.
Access control function : 50 time zones, 5 groups, 10 open door combination, support multi-users enter, 10A/12VDC relay switching value or output voltage
Alarm function : Can give alarm when destroying it, illegally open door, threatened by hijackers, and output touch off alarm signals, circumscribed alarm, alarm lamp, alarm lamp or alarm host computer, Wiegand In and Wiegand Out.
Function keys: 4 function keys.
Display, voice and keyboard : Four lines blue LCD, double color LED indicator light, multi-language;
Voltage: 12 VDC;
Current: 400 mA 

Optional : WIFI / 125 kHz ASK (EM4102) RFID reader

User capacity 1500
Transaction capacity 50 000
Identification type Card identification, Fingerpint , PIN
Input ports Exit button, Sensor, Wiegand-input
Output ports Alarm relay, Bell, Lock device, Wiegand-output
Comunicazione LAN, RS 232 C, RS 485, Wiegand 26 bit-input, Wiegand 26 bit-output
Alimentazione 12 VDC
Corrente (mA) 400
Spia LED 2-colour LED
Spia sonora Yes
Temperatura 0 °C - +45 °C
Umidità (RH) 20% - 80%
Dimensioni (mm) 150*145*40
Mounting Indoor
Certificazione CE
Garanzia (Anni) 1
Software Free
Downloads Free downloadable software for time attendance management
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