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IP66 Anti-Vandal Universal Standalone Keypad and RFID reader (EM+HID+MF) STR5-HYBRID

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IP66 Anti-Vandal Universal Standalone Keypad and RFID reader (EM+HID+MF) STR5-HYBRID

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Breve Descrizione

STR5-HYBRID is a universal keypad, can work as standalone keypad, access controller or standard Wiegand output reader.
It can read 125KHz EM & HID for Low Frequency and 13.56MHz for High Frequency tokens, cards and tags.

Waterproof, conforms to IP66
One relay, 600 users
Card type: 125KHz EM card,125KHz HID card, and 13.56Mhz Card
PIN length: 4~6 digits
Wiegand 26~37 bits input & output
Can be used as Wiegand reader with LED & Buzzer output
Pulse mode, Toggle mode
2 devices can be interlocked for 2 doors
Operating Voltage12~28V AC/ DC

User capacity 600
Transaction capacity -
Identification type Card identification, PIN
RFID tecnologia 125 kHz ASK(EM), 125KHz HID, 13.56 MHz
Input ports Wiegand 26~37 bits input
Output ports Wiegand 26~37 bits output
Comunicazione Wiegand 26 bit, Wiegand 34 bit
Alimentazione 12~28V AC/ DC
Corrente (mA) Idle Current: < 65mA; Active Current: < 100mA
Spia LED Yes
Spia sonora Yes
Temperatura -40 °C ~ 60 °C
Umidità (RH) 0%RH ~ 98%RH
Dimensioni (mm) 148*56*22.5
Certificazione CE
Garanzia (Anni) 2
Software No
Downloads No
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