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Fanvil HT101 Single side Headset

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Fanvil HT101 Single side Headset

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Breve Descrizione

The Fanvil HT101 is a lightweight and comfortable single sided headset designed for the intensive call center and office environments.
Slick and innovative, the HT101 delivers a crystal clear audio experience and has a noise-cancelling microphone and lightweight headband with a unique T-Bar design.
The stainless steel headband with its unique T-bar construction is easy to wear and its Boom Arm microphone bendable arm can rotate 320 degrees for proper positioning. Ideally paired with the Fanvil C01, the powerful duo is perfect for call centers.

Audio Features

  • Acoustic Shock Protection
  • Noise- cancellation earphone
  • ECM noise- cancellation microphone
  • A neodymium magnet system for accurate reproduction and balanced audio
  • Frequency Responses 300hz-3400hz
  • Low sound pressure- Less than 118db

Physical Features

  • EMI Shield
  • Unique T-Bar Pad
  • Connector plug- Telephone cable plug or direct dual 3.5mm
  • Cord length- 2m
  • Wiring- Kevlar/Shielded/Anti-oxidant tin plated
  • Unique T-bar construction
  • Bendable arms- 320 degree rotation for optimal positioning
  • Leatherette cushioned ear pad
  • Dimension: 190x140x60mm
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