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My Polimex Cloud   

Functional capabilities

My Polimex Cloud is a specialized online service, an alternative to the standard access control, working time and automation systems. The creators of this cloud solution offer extremely effective, energy-saving and accessible way for a company to control some of the most important parameters of its business. Eliminating the physical presence of a server and a standard software, the cloud service gives the users many advantages and easy steps of use.

The My Polimex Cloud system is suitable for large administration buildings, which are geographically spread, but also for small companies with only one point of access. The technical support is 24/7/265 days. This guarantees to the clients the most recent actualizations without bothering about a software or hardware solution.

The cloud system offers different solutions of working time data, access levels and periods of access. The price of the service offered is based on the subscription and the functions used by each client.

Why a cloud service?

The cloud services are much quicker to integrate in the working processes that affects performance. In the same time already existing processes could be upgraded and ones that are no longer in use - deleted. Considerably less resource is used to position such a system - free machines and space can be redirected to other process. For many of the companies this leads to personnel reduction of nearly 50%.

Cloud services are a modern technological solution for the important aspects of the business. Based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, this solution uses encrypted connection with the users. the system contains of integrated software service servers and access control hardware, regardless the location. The software-hardware connection is internet based. This is why the server is placed in data center and secured by internet connection to 4 global independent sources, powered by two independent circuits, generators in power failure case and UPS.

The cloud guarantees a constant working process to the users, even if it is unable to connect with the point, where the system hardware is located. It is possible because of the controllers that are used - the user's information (access rights , time limitations) and its identification (card, PIN code, fingerprint, etc.) are saved in each of them. This makes the working mode permanent, no matter if there is a problem with the main server connection.

Cloud system advantages:

The cloud decision basically saves the server and operational system buying and maintenance, and all the expenses connected. The security is at maximum level - all data is secured by up to date cryptography solutions, the access can not be overheard or altered. There is no need of separate password - the platform is Google Mail and Facebook integrated.

The system allows control from any device - PC, tablet, smartphone. The access does not require particular browser. It can be accomplished from any part of the world. On the same device the user receives real time messages for events. At the same time the cloud system archives this event - the data is automatically saved on several servers.

Working time and access references the user could make through the cloud system are in real time. The system is open for integration with other applications and the Web REST API  gives clients a chance to develop or integrate their own service based on the functionality offered. Available are Bulgarian, English, Spanish and Italian languages. Russian, German, Macedonian, Serbian and Greek are also planned.

My Polimex Cloud gives the chance to handle different time zones objects. ID-picture  actualization is also available - it works for the data clarity and upgrades the security level in each object. The only possible way to lose functionality partly is during internet connection interruption. At that time events observation in real time is not possible, as it is the same for the cards activation/deactivation. All data remains in the system and is getting automatically update when the connection is restored.

Frequently asked questions:

What if there is an interruption of the internet connection ?

All installed controllers continue their work without any visible changes for the users. After the reconnection there is automatic synchronization, and the user receives information about the situation accomplished on his mobile device.
An extra mobile decision for internet connection could be build - for connection to the Internet operator that is used. This allows trouble-free system work, even in case of emergency.

How secure is the connection to the cloud system?

The Polimex Cloud platform uses RSA 2048 bit encryption key for the connection between the client's browser and the servers of the Cloud.