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About the company

Polimex Holding is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and is certified under the international standard for quality ISO 9001:2015  and corresponding to the regulations of ISO 27001:2017 standard.

Polimex Holding is a leading company in the field of designing and constructing access control systems in Bulgaria.

Polimex Holding has offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Pleven.

Our advantages are in our thoroughgoing knowledge and long-time experience in the field of designing, producing, constructing and maintaining access control systems.

Our development is subject to all market-changes.

We are innovative in the creation of our products and services.

Since 10 years we are working hard for our partners and clients.

We have personal and professional attitude and loyalty in our relations with every single partner. This we combine with presenting products and services of the highest quality.

We are motivated team of professionals for whom the innovative approach and the high-tech solutions are of utmost importance.

We do find an individual solution for every single client. We have executive projects in Bulgaria, FYROM, Serbia, Kosovo and Romania.

We export products for Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Greece, Montenegro, Indonesia and Iran, where we have reliable partners and loyal clients.

About the management

Polimex Holding is a client-orientated company with high work standards.

The construction of controllers has been our passion since the creation of the company. Every day we work hard in order to produce world class products and solutions.

We offer – reliability, quality, innovation.

We are convinced that the ability of our clients and partners to rely on our support in difficult moments is the key to the long-time and successful cooperation.

We believe that the quality of our products and services is of utmost importance to their success and, consequently, to our own.

We know that innovation and a creative approach do secure us advantages for us and our partners in terms of competition.

Value management

The whole wide product range of controllers ICON ХХХ is constructed to offer a solution for every single client both on the local and the world market.

The controllers are distinguished because of their high quality and competitive price, which, combined with the excellent tech-maintenance we offer, are effective source of better market results.

We invest in our employees

Our employees are our biggest capital.

Every single member of the company’s team is a source of renovation and creativity

We encourage and we support our employees in their routine job. They are open-minded and we highly admire their passion for development and innovations.

This allows us to offer high quality world class products and services.


We conduct long-time and thoroughgoing analysis of the access control systems worldwide in both technological and market point of view.

We analyse the collected information to the tiniest detail.

We use what we learnt in every single stage of our work – from the initial idea to the realisation of the product.

As a result Polimex Holding produces a wide range of controllers: for access control, for monitoring of work time and for vending machines.

The company is fully orientated towards offering individual solutions. The wide product range of controllers gives us the ability to respond adequately to every need and wish of our clients.

We offer secure, reliable, accessible and client-orientated solutions.


Polimex Holding is the biggest Bulgarian controller producer. Already 10 years the company designs and constructs high-tech multifunctional access control controllers.

The products are fully accessible for integration and maintenance.

The controller series ICON XXX is our response to the latest world trends in the industry.

Developed by highly qualified specialists and made in Bulgaria. It is fully compatible with the nowadays standards and has the high-tech requirements the modernity demands.

It offers solutions for the small, medium and big business in Bulgaria and all over the world.


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