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LRRB30 Long Range Radio Button

LRRB30 Long Range Radio Button

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Any existing access control system can be equipped with radio-based proximity sensing, by the simple addition of Radio Reader. Keyless entry, handicapped access, and emergency alert functions are easy to achieve with this wireless control technology.

  • Easy way to equip ANY Wiegand input access control panel with radio transmitter access.
  • Connects as easily as card readers; transmitters are added like cards, with no software changes required.
  • Keyless entry offers user convenience, safety, and security for triggering gates, barrier arms, and doors.
  • Ideal way to facilitate handicapped access.
  • Multi-button transmitters can double as personal emergency devices for triggering security alarms.
  • RF input/Wiegand output receiver supports 26 Wiegand -bit data formats.
  • Field read range— to 50 m

With a read range of up to 50 м, transmitters facilitate handicapped access far more than close proximity or contact devices. For adding security at sites such as college campuses and parking garages, multichannel models allow access control and “panic button” functions to be combined in a single device.
The Reader uses a Wiegand output format (26, -bit supported) that interfaces to virtually any  commercial access control panel. Long-range transmitters can be added as easily as Wiegand cards, and without software changes. Facility and ID codes can be matched to system requirements. The 50 range of the reader is made possible by superheterodyne receiver technology..

  • Dimension: 60/42/28
  • Power Supply:12V DC
  • Consumption:<=12мА
  • Radio Frequency:433MHZ
  • Transmitting Distance: up to 50m
  • Communication: Wiegand 26 bitoutput
  • Transmitting Power: 10mW

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Remote Control for fixed mounting

Remote Control for fixed mounting
33,75 ₺
Reading range (cm) 3000
Reading time(ms) 100
Identification type Transmitter for Remote Control
RFID technology No
Communication Wiegand 26 bit-input
Voltage 12 VDC
Current (mA) <=12
LED indicator Yes
Beeper No
Operating temperature -5°C - +45°C
Operating humidity(RH) 10% - 90%
Dimension (mm) 60*42*28
Certification CE
Warranty (Years) 1
Seçenekler Yok
İndirmeler Additional information and wiring diagram
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