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iCON130 Controller for access control, time and attendance and automation

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iCON130 Controller for access control, time and attendance and automation

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Intelligent Multifunctional controller, which combines access control and automation system in one universal device. This specially designed controller supports control of up to 4 doors with access control, 1-W port for communicating with DALLAS 1-W devices (optional : i-buttons, temperature and RH sensors, A/D convertors and so on....). Designed for buildings and premises with hi security level. Supports local and global antipassback function.
ICON 130/RS485 – Multifunctional controller for access control and automation   +297,00 ₺

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Conforms to EN 50133-2-1 and BDS 50133 standard ;

Communication mode via USB / LAN (additional module)

Network communication over RS485 (up to253 devices)

Dual working mode – as controller and converter RS485 to LAN(USB) at the same time.

Time & attendance calculation with software Andromeda Pro and Cloud solutions

Control of 4 singlesided doors, two dualsided doors and combination.

Ability for emergency opening by other system.

Automatic activation of the outputs by predefined time schedule (up to 15 pcs x 8 days and 3 hour periods)

Time schedules for access control - up to 96 pcs

Dual card/person authentication mode.

Open protocol for integration with other systems WEB SDK

IO tables can be set automatic according to controllers mode or manualy by user

Non-volatile memory and real time clock

Ability to control a turnstile with antipassback function.

Built in Duress Mode ( forced opening the door with silent alarm)

Battery output with protection from deep discharge.

Ability for battery test without interrupting controllers activity

Ability for automatic switching readers mode.

Digital sensor input for temperature and humidity.


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iCON110 Controller for access control and Time and attendance

iCON110 Controller for access control and Time and attendance
0,00 ₺
User capacity 15870
Transaction capacity 8190 (16000)
Controller's mode 4 doors onesided; 3 doors- 1 х dualsided and 2 х onesided; 2 doors dualsided
Readers 4 Reader inputs - Wiegand 26/34 bit (automaticaly selected) and 4-8 bit number for PIN
Reader Mode Card, card and PIN,card or PIN, card and work code
Input ports 4x exit buttons; 1x Emergency; 4x Magnentic Contact;
Output ports 8 x Relay outputs 30V/3A; 1 х output for power indication - 220VAC or Battery; 1x Output for charging battery with protection against deep discharge
Communication LAN, RS 485, Wireless
Voltage 16-24 VAC
Current (mA) 150 mA
LED indicator Yes
Beeper No
Operating temperature -10°C - +50°C
Operating humidity(RH) 10%- 90% RH (non condensing)
Dimension (mm) 150*85*25 mm
Certification Hayır
Warranty (Years) 2
Software Free, Paid, WEB SDK
İndirmeler Wiring diagram.pdf
Quick Guide.pdf
Free Software Andromeda.zip
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