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Fingerprint reader for Time attendance management  F10

Fingerprint reader for Time attendance management F10

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F10 is fingerprint reader that is mostly used for time attendance applications, but also matches with most of the access controllers.

Support wiegand 26 or user-defined format, match most of door access controller
External connected with IC/ID reader. Card+ Fingerprint validation mode for current reader
Adopt Biokey 2007 latest algorithm and intel32 bits processor
Option for built in Mifare reader or EM reader , it can deal with 3000 fingerprint templates , no matter good or poor quality, within only 1 second.
Adopt solid, durable, anti-static optical sensor
User-defined ID No, easy to manage
Standard RS485 connection, RS 232 or TCP/IP as auxiliary communication port
Voltage: 12 VDC;
Current: 400 mA;
Support u are u sensor or F10 for collecting fingerprint template
Stability protection: reset switch, hardware watchdog, communication setting initialization by hardware, anti-over voltage and over current protection.
Dismantle alarm TTL output
Convenient DB15 connection
Applicable Wiegand manage software for fingerprint enrollment, download, upload, deletion
Free software

Option: F10 with ID (identification with card (125 kHz ASK (EM4102 )format)

User capacity 600
Transaction capacity -
Identification type Fingerpint
Input ports No
Output ports Alarm, Wiegand-output
Communication LAN, RS 232 C, RS 485
Voltage 12 VDC
Current (mA) 400
LED indicator 2-colour LED
Beeper Yes
Operating temperature 0 °C - +45 °C
Operating humidity(RH) 20% - 80%
Dimension (mm) 130*58*62
Mounting Indoor
Certification CE
Warranty (Years) 1
Software Free
İndirmeler Free downloadable software for time attendance management
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