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125 kHz ASK (EM) Proximity Card Reader with USB interface CR10E8D-8 digits number

125 kHz ASK (EM) Proximity Card Reader with USB interface CR10E8D-8 digits number

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CR10E8D is a Proximity Card Reader that makes easily the registration of cards and avoid manual input mistake.

Standard of Contactless cards: EM4102 compatible
Output Format : 8 digits number 

Never need to input card number by hand when issuing card to access control system but only present the card to this reader.
Avoid manual input mistake
Save your time with more convenient and efficient
Free of installing drivers, compatible with Windows98/2000/XP
Power on USB

About Use

Connect USB data wire between Device and PC, after 30 seconds for testing the system, then punch the card, and execute the following steps in PC: Start----Program----Accessories----Notepad. Card Number will show in Notepad automatically Lines (No need press “Enter” for it)

Wire Connection

Plug USB wire into PC USB Port, the other port connect ReaderCommunicationPort.


Reading range (cm) 5 / 10
Reading time(ms) 200
Identification type Card identification
RFID technology 125 kHz ASK(EM)
Communication USB
Voltage USB 5 VDC
Current (mA) 100
LED indicator 2-colour LED
Beeper Yes
Operating temperature -10°C - +70°C
Operating humidity(RH) 0% - 90% (non-condensing)
Dimension (mm) 104*68*10
Certification CE
Warranty (Years) 1
Seçenekler Hayır
İndirmeler Free Software USB Reader, changing Output Format
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