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125 kHz ASK (EM) Proximity Card / PIN Reader iPASS IPK101

125 kHz ASK (EM) Proximity Card / PIN Reader iPASS IPK101

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iPASS IPK101 is a Proximity Reader with dual type of identification- with 125 kHz ASK (EM) card and password.

Read Range: Up to 4 inch (10cm)
User format available
Output Format:
- Card : 26bit Wiegand (default) Output Format
- Keypad : 26bit Wiegand, 4 / 8bit Burst for PIN Output Format Selectable
12 Numeric Keypads with Back Lighting
External LED Control
External Buzzer Control
Tamper Switch
Wall Mount (US, EU, Asian Gang Box Size)
Reverse Polarity Protection 

Reading range (cm) ~max. 10
Reading time(ms) 30
Identification type Card identification, PIN
RFID technology 125 kHz ASK(EM)
Communication Wiegand 26 bit-output
Voltage 12 VDC
Current (mA) 150
LED indicator 3-colour LED
Beeper Yes
Operating temperature -35°C - +65°C
Operating humidity(RH) 0% - 90% (non-condensing)
Dimension (mm) 87*100*31
Certification CE, FCC, MIC
Warranty (Years) 3
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