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Telephone voice module for PLC controller 12 VDC

Telephone voice module for PLC controller 12 VDC

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Telephone voice module is additional accessory for Intelligent PLC Controller with Power input: DC type: DC 12V~24V.

  • The  PLC controller can perform the recording, broadcasting and voice prompting function. Users can broadcast the  sound demanded freely, with password protection so that others cannot modify it.
  • Dial the preset telephone number. When the conditions are met, it can perform auto-dialing to perform auto- notification and auto-alarming. It can also control the terminal equipment by receiving the incoming telephone signals.
  • This module can either record directly on the controller or record on PC by the recording software. On PC, us can record voice, or do other jobs such as broadcast, store voice message, record/play online, set password and print message by the software. Voices could be written into the module by communication  cable after recorded by software.
  • Strong acoustic interference rejection and low signal consumptions The recording wire used to recording between the PC sound card and telephone voice module Plug and play; connect directly with PC Applied in automatic control industrial to create intelligent controllers that are able to speak
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