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SmartCryptoUSB – Specialized USB reader for  SmartCrypto series management

SmartCryptoUSB – Specialized USB reader for SmartCrypto series management

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SmartCryptoUSB is a proximity high-tech desktop reader developed by Polimex Holding Ltd. Its purpose is to manage the information in user cards which are working with SmartCryptoCredit and SmartCryptoReader. The device uses standard USB cable for communication which makes it suitable for laptop, desktop and tablet without using any additional cables or hardware.

SmartCryptoUSB is a specialized high-tech desktop reader which works in read and write mode. Its main purpose is to read, load or take credit (impulses) from SmartCrypto Cards. The management of SmartCrypto system is made with the help of this USB device and a software included in the set.
Other very important function is that the USB reader can create a RFID card with setup function. When using this card you have the ability to change SmartCryptoCredit and SmartCryptoReader's input and output setting or change reader's mode.
SmartCryptoUSB is pre-coded to work only with devices using the same code. This ensures that somebody with the same USB reader can not program cards for your system and can not use offered from you payed services.
SmartCryptoUSB reader is locked personally for each client by a special algorithm and works only with special coded cards and readers. When buying this kind of reader you get a master card with unique code. This code is used later for generating other cards or readers personally locked for you. This way you can be sure that other cards can not work with your reader and your system is fully protected.


  • Read and write function
  • Software included in the set
  • USB communication interface
  • Uses unique algorithm for protection
  • Ability to control payed services

SmartCryptoUSB is a reader-programmer which is one of the most important parts from the system SmartCrypto. It is used mostly in systems working with prepaid credit or impulses. The device is very suitable for managing services in fitness and spa centers, paid auto parks, elevators, vending machines and others.


Lesereichweite (cm) ~10
Reading time(ms) 200
Identification type Card identification
RFID Technologie 13.56 MHz, 13.56MHz-4K, FeliCa, ISO/IEC 14443A, ISO/IEC 14443B, ISO/IEC 18092
Communication USB
Voltage Powered by USB
Current (mA) 80
LED indicator 2-colour LED
Beeper Yes
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ +55°C
Operating humidity(RH) 10% ÷ 90%
Dimension (mm) 102*43*16
Certification ISO 9001-2000, MA
Warranty (Years) 2
Optionen Nein
Downloads Nein
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