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Floor and Wall Mount Door Holder

Floor and Wall Mount Door Holder

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It is a wall mount and floor mount door holder,which adopts low power consumption, that makes it more environment friendly and more durable. Professional anti-residual magnetism design ensures highest security. It will release automatically the fire door when fire alarms. It also contains build-out release button for testing and build-in MOV which reverse current protection.

Col linear Load: 50kg, 110pounds.
The Standard Voltage is 24VDC.
Suitable for All Kinds of Single & Double Smokeproof Door.
MOV Provides Reverse Current Protection.
Low Power Consumption, Environmental Protection.
Anti-Residual Magnetism Design.
Professional Design, Dual Insulate Housing.
Automatically close the smoke proof door when fire happens.
Manual door release button.

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Locking version Fail safe
Holding force 50kg
Voltage 24VDC
Current (mA) 70
Dimension (mm) L116*W93*H118
Operating temperature -10℃~+55℃
Operating humidity(RH) 0~90%(relative humidity)
Certification CE, MA
Warranty (Years) 2
Downloads Nein
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