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Emergency Electric Strike Fail Secure

Emergency Electric Strike Fail Secure

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Emergency Electric Strike designed to be installed on emergency exit doors equipped with panic bar and allow the access from outside through an access control system

Ideal for doors that require high level of reliability and safety, these strikes are usually connected with control systems.

The model is equipped with electronic protection in order to prevent damages to the access control system. Also represents an advantage for the installers as the connection is not polarized.

Technical features:

  • Guarenteed endurance rating:300 000 cycles
  • Break-in resistence: 713 kg
  • Housing material: Zamak
  • Complies with 2004/108CE(EN 55014)
  • Corrasion resistent according to UNI ISO 9227

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Locking version Fail secure
Holding force 713 kg
Voltage 12 VDC
Current (mA) 500
Dimension (mm) 106,4*29,5*20,2
Operating temperature -15°C - +40°C
Operating humidity(RH) 0% - 95% (non condesing)
Certification CE
Warranty (Years) 2
Downloads Nein
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