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Bi-Directional Tripod with drop down function PL01

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Bi-Directional Tripod with drop down function PL01 is used at a wide variety of settings, including stadiums, amusement parks, museums, mass transit stations, office lobbies, retail sites, cafeterias, temporary exhibits, casinos and souvenir stands, etc

  • Bi-Directional Tripod with drop down function - Designed reasonable and reliable movement, noise small, the internal hydraulic device automatically Buffer, run a smooth, long service life.
  • Prompted with the direction of LED lights.
  • Waterproof, sunscreen, cold and high temperature.
  • A unified,standard external electrical interface with a variety of reading and writing equipment freely articulated, easy system integration.
  • Matt finished housing surface, dustproof and rainproof design for outdoor use.
  • Highly integrated mechanism, 100% heavy duty operation.
  • Drop arm when power off
  • Compatible with other access control system.
  • Convenient installation and maintenance.

Material of the case

Stainless steel 304, Thickness1.5mm


500*330*980mm (L*W*H)

Bar Length


Bar Diameter


Passage direction

Single or Bi-Directional

Flow of passage

30-40 passages per minute

Emergency mode

Free egress when fire signal triggered

Power supply

AC230V, 50HZ

Control voltage


Power consumption


Working temperature

-20—— 70

Operation humidity range

90% non-condensing


Over 3 million times


Indoor and Outdoor with shelter

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Locking version Fail safe
Holding force Nein
Voltage AC230V, 50HZ
Current (mA) Nein
Dimension (mm) 500*330*980
Operating temperature -20 °C - +70 °C
Operating humidity(RH) ≤90% non-condensing
Certification CE
Warranty (Years) 1
Downloads Nein
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