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Automatic barrier gate PBL106

Automatic barrier gate PBL106

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Automatic barrier gate with LEDs along the arm. Suitalble for 24 hours countinuous application.

  • Heavy-duty design for 24 hours continuous application. 
  • Weather resistant coating against hostile environments. 
  • Strong, ripid aluminum gate arm with LEDs. 
  • Zinц plate powder-coated finish of the level and body. 
  • Wireless or wiring push button for open, close and open/stop/close function. 
  • Additional input signals: proximity card, loop detector, manual switch, etc.


  • Boom length: 4 m 
  • Time for opening or closing: 1.5~3.0 sec 
  • Motor working voltage:220 VAC 
  • Motor power:200w 
  • Protection level:ip55 
  • Working temperature range: -25 ºC - +85 ºC 
  • Dimension:268*348*1050mm 
  • LED bar 
Warranty (Years) 2
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